Test Kitchen Spice Rack

Encouraging Experimentation in the Kitchen

Materials: Aluminum, Mahogany, Glass

Dimensions 19" x 1.25" x 7"

Cooking is an art and a science.  It requires experimentation – willingness to try new flavors, combinations and methods.  The experimental cook colors their culinary canvases with countless blends of spices.  Each meal presents an opportunity to run a new trial, increasing her understandings of the intricacies of flavor.  The Test Kitchen Spice Rack puts the spice palette right at the chef's finger tips, encouraging her to lift, smell and delicately dash in bursts of flavor.

I turned the mahogony caps on the wood lathe and fitted them to the glass tubes with o-rings.  To create the cast aluminum ends, I sculpted a pattern, rammed up, and machined the draft angles off the cast piece for a clean fit with machined top and bottom rails. The outer surfaces of the spice rack are bead blasted for a frosty finish, while the interior has a highly polished shine.