Goodnight News is an interactive bedtime book in which parents and their young children take turns interviewing one another about their day.  After interviewing parents of 3-6 year olds all around the country, Sonia, Andrea and I set off on a mission to improve the quality time parents and children spend together.  After prototyping a wide range of concepts that brought together parents and children's interests, we found what was most meaningful to parents was time spent learning about their child.

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The Process

Project Duration: 7 months

Parent Child Time

Initial Research Phase

  • Conducted ~10 in depth ethnographic interviews with single parents of young children from across the country (mix of in home and digital)

  • Built understanding of daily routines, challenges and delights

  • Identified common themes and key opportunities for impact - most notably that families days were split between activities for the parent and those for the child - with very few activities engaging both.  Most activities for the child were boring/obligatory for the adult and vise versa.

Focus & Flair

  • Focused mission to expand the quality time 3-6 year old children and parents spend together by bringing their interests together.
  • Brainstormed broad range of possible solutions
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Prototype & Develop Principles

  • Prototyped ideas by finding finding quickest way to the heart of each concept.  This included hacking a playground to test a gym/playground concept (gym swing), taping a city scape onto a blanket (karma-ssage), and many more.
  • Observed and interviewed prototype users to develop design principles.
    • Empower child to lead
    • Tailor to energy levels
    • Explore & alter space
  • Deduced it's most meaningful to users to deepen parent-child connection by building opportunities to learn about each other into busy routines.  Continued prototyping and testing around this theme.

Refine & Execute

  • User feedback from in-home use of Goodnight News showed great promise!  Early prototypes engaged children while allowing parents to learn more about their child's day.
    • "Other books are totally one-way [...] This is really different because it’s really a two-way participation book while still accomplishing the goal of winding-down for the day." - Samantha, mother of 3 year old
    • "The book has opened a whole new world for me and Diego"  - Andrea, mother of 5 year old

  • Iterated to amplify success of "Goodnight News" prototype - tested audio and book versions and incorporated user feedback on questions and experience.
  • Identified publisher and sales channels.  Edited, illustrated and prepared book for publisher.  Built marketing materials and audience.

See Goodnight News in action!  Video edited by Sonia Doshi.